The “I Love My Dentist!” and “I Love My Ortho!” marketing programs are based on long term, low maintenance internal and external advertising methods inspired and driven by your existing patients and staff. Unlike in other self-promoting systems, in our programs your patients and staff promote your services giving your real credibility and high visibility in your community. These affordable programs are easy to set up and maintain and virtually run forever. You get the best return on your investment – GUARANTEED!

The Introductory Package Includes:

A detailed step by step description of the “I Love My Dentist!” or “I Love my Ortho!” marketing program.
Unlimited support for 60 days until the program is smoothly running in your office, via email, phone or text.

1 – 2.5’x 6’ Indoor Banner for your waiting room
15 – 3″ Heart Shaped Stickers (to be placed on the banner.)
50 – 4”x 6” Oval Car Magnets for your patients’ cars
2 – 9”x 12” Large Car Magnets for your car
500 – Double-sided Glossy Referral Cards with Offers
50 – 2″ Happy Face Stickers for non-drivers
One Free Profitability Online Course (Please email your selection after the purchase.)

Purchase now and pay no shipping or sales tax for a limited time! (An additional $120.00 Value.)
Introductory Package: $599.00 Total!

Purchase Now And Get One Additional CE Course Free!


Our Marketing Programs will undoubtedly increase your new patient flow and the rate of your treatment plan acceptance . Your existing patients will also show their appreciation more by keeping their recall appointments and accepting your recommendations with greater enthusiasm. To deal with this increased demand we suggest you to consider some of our online courses to introduce or expand extremely profitable procedures in your office making your practice more efficient and profitable.

Select one from these free online courses. (No purchase necessary!)

30 Minute Molar Endo (4 CE units)
Simplified Implant Placement (4 CE units)
Simplified Implant Restorations (4 CE units)
Creative Extraction techniques (4 CE units)
Simplified Bone Grafting (4 CE units)
Large Fixed and Removable Cases (4 CE units)
Mini Dental Implants (4 CE units)
Great Class 2 Composites (4 CE units)
Sinus-tap and Immediate Implant Placement (4 CE units)
Improve Your Ortho Case Acceptance (4 CE units)
Efficient Dental Anesthesia (4 CE units)
Removable Appliance Therapy (4 CE units)
Creative Dental Marketing (4 CE units)

Your first course is free and one more complimentary course is included with every marketing purchase you make! (A $99.00 Value).


“This affordable program is continuously bringing us plenty of high quality new patients for virtually free. Our numbers are way up!“

S. Johnson, DDS.

“Better than word of mouth advertising for $599.00 and basically runs forever. Easy set-up, best return on my investment ever. Period!”

A. Bayaz, DMD

“It is nice to see my advertisement all over town. No other marketing gave me so much visibility. People taking pictures and comment on these ads all the time.”

J. Maddatu, DDS